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Empty Leg Flights On Private Jets

Private charter planes that travel without passengers to relocate aircraft from one airport to another are known as empty legs. There are planned empty-leg flights to pick up a charter client from another location. Operators of the jet can generate additional revenue by offering empty-leg flights to clients who are already planning to travel along the same route. A vacant, empty leg is put up as soon as they become available. Clients can proceed with their online booking and charter the full private jet if the available itineraries coincide with their desired destination. All the benefits of a private flight apply to empty-leg passengers, with the exception that availability may change

Empty Leg Flights On Private Jets

Convenient And Luxurious Last-Minute Flights

Empty legs flights are pretty much last-minute flights. The only difference is it is in a luxurious private jet with access to comfort and convenience. In addition, you might cut the cost of a typical private jet charter by up to 75% by being flexible with your trip plans and considering an empty-leg flight.

Book Empty Leg Flights With Vitesse

There is no need to look far and wide for a reputable company where you can book an empty-leg flight. Vitesse is here to offer you the best ones at an affordable rate that will not hurt your pocket. You can get access to the luxury you deserve and get away from the stress and hassle of commercial flights. Do you want to get notified when an empty leg is available? Send us a message today and learn how!


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