Top Private Jet Destinations

The world’s richest individuals are progressively choosing private planes as their preferred mode of transportation, as airports get more congested and flight delays become more common. Also, private aircraft can enter some places where conventional airlines cannot.

If you ever get the chance to choose a destination and can go on a private jet, we have some top picks for you.

US Virgin Islands

Are you a big history fan? Then this destination is something that should be on your bucket list! The US Virgin Islands has ruins of plantations and churches dating back four centuries.

Faroe Islands

Hidden within the Artic Circle, the Faroe Islands serve as the best place to view the Northern Lights. Plus it is not the only view you can enjoy with the beautiful sceneries spread across its islands.

Ibiza, Spain

Do you love partying until the sun is up? Ibiza is the place for you. They have clubs that run all day, fun pool parties, live music, and disco venues!

Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas

Get access to the supper-exclusive resort in the Bahamas owned by the Four Seasons Hotel. Norman’s Cay is only accessible through a private yacht or jet charter.

Cayman Islands

This group of three islands is known as the Caribbean’s best duty-free shopping. They also have beach resorts, scuba diving, and snorkeling sites perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Do you love skiing? Then you should never skip this destination. Famous celebrities and royalties come to St. Moritz year after year. Find the perfect private aircraft that can land on Samedan Airport’s short runway.

Book A Private Jet Charter With Vitesse

Many of us wish we could afford private flying. Private jet travel is becoming more widespread and reasonably priced, so it’s actually a goal we can work toward.

At Vitesse, we provide our customers with unrivaled safety standards, exceptional service, and the most affordable prices. Years have been invested by our employees in developing and maintaining strong relationships in the private aviation industry. Profit from our knowledge and experience. Beyond what you might expect, we can provide a private jet charter. To find out more or to reserve a flight, contact us right away!

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