Navigating Global Business with the Flexibility of a Chartered Plane

Traveling for business offers exciting new opportunities to expand your enterprise to new places. Nevertheless, global business travel can be taxing and tiring, especially when you choose to fly a commercial airline. Dealing with crowded airports, security lines, flight delays, and noisy passengers can dampen the start of your business trip.

Avoid the frustrations of a crowded airport and commercial airline by opting for a chartered plane instead. Getting a private flight provides many benefits for your corporate group. Read on to discover the many ways a private jet improves corporate global travel experiences.

When you’re ready to schedule an aircraft charter, contact luxury transportation experts from Vitesse Worldwide. Our travel professionals and superior fleet provide excellent travel options for corporate groups of any size. Call today to schedule a chartered plane.

7 Reasons Why a Chartered Plane Offers Superior Transportation to Commercial Flights

Creating your travel itinerary for a global business trip can seem complicated. However, choosing a public charter flight instead of commercial airlines can reduce flight times, mitigate the stress of your travel day, and create space to focus on your business goals. These seven factors describe how a chartered plane offers a superior transportation option to commercial flights.

1. Save Abundant Time

When flying a commercial airline, you have to contend with preset schedules and airport logistics. Even if you’re taking a mid-morning flight, you’ll need to wake up early to get to the airport, clear security, and navigate the terminal. Furthermore, commercial flights are far more likely to experience delays and mechanical issues.

Choosing a private plane can save you abundant time. Since you are the primary passenger, a private charter allows you to schedule a flight time and itinerary that feel convenient for you. Furthermore, you won’t have to contend with crowded airports and common commercial flight delays.

2. Plan a Custom Itinerary

Commercial airlines have preset schedules and deter flight changes with additional fees. Transporting your corporate group on a commercial plane means you’ll have to contend with these schedules.

Chartered planes adhere strictly to your timing needs. With these transportation options, you can create a custom itinerary perfectly designed to suit your corporate group. Design a comfortable travel plan for your global business trip with a chartered plane.

3. Reduces Logistical Complexities

While the guide for business travel discusses that every corporate traveler has different needs, private jets simplify any traveler’s logistics. With the many different types of flight options available, finding one that suits every member of your group can prove difficult. Reduce the logistical complexities of your global business trip with a jet charter.

4. Increased Flexibility

Since you’ll need to pay extra to change flights for commercial airlines, there is almost no flexibility. Private jets work on your time.

When you need to make last minute changes, your charter company and captain accommodate your needs. Enjoy the most flexible air travel options with a chartered plane.

5. Eliminates Travel Stress

Navigating the airport and fighting delays all while trying to make it to an important business event can cause considerable stress. With a chartered flight, you can show up on your own time and go straight to your aircraft. There couldn’t possibly be a less stressful travel experience.

6. Higher Safety Standards

Many people believe that private jets create more safety concerns. However, commercial planes actually break down and experience critical mechanical failure more frequently.

Only about 5% of failed private jet flights result from mechanical failure. This figure demonstrates the high priority charter companies place on maintaining high safety standards.

7. More Enjoyable, Luxury Experience

Overall, booking a private flight for your corporate group creates a more enjoyable, luxury experience. Travel to your global business trip in ultimate style and comfort by getting a private jet.

Optimize Your Travel Day with a Chartered Plane from Vitesse Worldwide

Understanding the differences between a charter vs commercial flight can illuminate why a chartered plane offers a superior experience. From significantly improving your travel day to saving time, scheduling a plane provides the perfect option for a global business trip.

At Vitesse Worldwide, we offer a wide range of charter jets for corporate groups of any size. Choose the perfect travel accommodations from a diverse selection including very light jets, mid-sized planes, VIP airliners, helicopters, and more. Maximize your global business trip by scheduling a private flight with Vitesse Worldwide.

For more information about the benefits of a chartered plane for business travel, call (866) 891-7575 and schedule a luxury private flight with Vitesse Worldwide.

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