The Unparalleled Advantages of Aircraft Charter vs. Commercial Flight

Not all travelers understand the advantages of flying with an aircraft charter vs. commercial flight, especially if they have only ever flown with commercial airlines. However, scheduling with a private aircraft charter can transform your travel experience. You may never return to commercial flights after learning about the unmatched benefits, privacy, and convenience of aircraft charter services!

Whether you’re looking to fly for leisure or business, choosing an aircraft charter over a commercial flight is often the best route. After exploring the benefits, contact Vitesse Worldwide, LLC, to schedule a private jet charter, group air charter, or business jet charter services with us.

Seven Benefits of Choosing an Aircraft Charter vs. Commercial Flight

While a price comparison often shows that flying commercial is cheaper, aircraft charters supply comfort, convenience, and a customized experience while flying that commercial airlines cannot. Paying a little more could offer a more enjoyable business or work trip and take some of the stress out of traveling. Make the most of your time and money by flying with a trusted aircraft charter for your next journey.

1. Increased Comfort and Privacy

You can travel solo on a private jet or fly with a small group of friends, family members, and coworkers. An aircraft charter often has a smaller passenger capacity, making the onboarding experience much easier. You don’t have to worry about who gets the window seat, loud noises, or feeling uncomfortable with no room during a flight on an aircraft charter plane.

2. Flight Schedule Flexibility

When flying commercial, your travel time depends on what various airlines offer. With a private charter vs. commercial flight, you can set the departure time and enjoy incredible convenience. If you’re an early bird and wish to arrive at your destination in the morning, an aircraft charter can make it happen and provide a comfortable, clean, and flexible flying experience.

3. Convenient Onboard Amenities

You can get up and move around during your flight, savor a meal and some drinks, and enjoy amenities with excellent service. A busy commercial flight means that the flight attendants are unable to meet all of your needs. Flying private means you can feel comfortable with everything you could possibly want or need to fly to your leisure or business destination.

4. A Customizable Experience

Not everyone enjoys the one-size-fits-all approach of commercial travel. Fortunately, the power to create a fun or relaxing flight is in your hands when you fly with a private jet charter. You can request specific snacks, items, or itinerary changes to ensure your trip meets your needs.

If you’ve never flown with an aircraft charter before, looking into what to expect from flying private is a good idea.

5. Smoother Boarding Process

From forgetting your ticket to experiencing uncomfortable and invasive security checks, flying commercial planes isn’t always a walk in the park. Private charters allow you to drive up to your plane and load your belongings with ease. Gone are the days of waiting in long lines, experiencing delays, or waiting over an hour to board the plane.

6. Travel With Children and Pets

Not all commercial airlines can accommodate pets, causing you to worry about how you’ll get your furry friend to your travel destination. With a private aircraft, you may need to provide some documentation and proof of vaccinations for your pet, but you will enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re traveling safely. Many pets travel under the plane with commercial airlines and are cramped or scared during the journey, but private aircrafts help you avoid that.

You can also bring your children for a comfortable ride with an aircraft charter. They will feel less stressed throughout the ride and arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed. Aircraft charters provide unparalleled comfort to anyone flying with children, pets, or by themselves.

7. Enjoy a Safer Flight

Jet charters are well-maintained and receive routine safety inspections for the protection of the pilots, attendants, and passengers. Without any unruly or loud passengers, you’ll also experience unparalleled peace of mind flying safely on your terms.

Contact Vitesse Worldwide, LLC, to Schedule Professional Jet Charter Services

It’s easy to see why more travelers are choosing an aircraft charter vs. commercial flight for their traveling needs. Call Vitesse Worldwide, LLC, at (866) 891-7575 to learn more.

Learn more about the most common factors that affect charter flight costs, and connect with our team to plan your next trip.

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