5 Things to Consider When Booking a Private Jet

Every day, the headlines about commercial air travel make it less appealing to anyone planning a trip. With extended delays, cancellations, skyrocketing ticket prices, and unruly passengers plaguing the no-longer-so-friendly skies, more people are considering booking a private jet for their business trips and vacation getaways than ever before. 

Although once the realm of celebrities and the uber-wealthy, private planes are increasingly accessible and cost-effective. While they provide unparalleled convenience and luxury, arranging for an aircraft charter  does require addressing a few important details that aren’t part of the typical flight booking process.

What You Need to Know About Booking a Private Jet

When you start looking into chartering a private plane, you’ll quickly realize that every company offers a different experience and level of service. You’ll also see that you have many more options than when you buy tickets on a commercial airline. Have the best experience when booking a private jet by using these tips.

1. Compare Companies

As with any industry, not all charter jet companies are the same, and some are better than others. When exploring your options, check into factors like the company’s safety record, maintenance protocols, pilot experience, and the types of aircraft they fly. Confirm that the company follows all applicable safety standards and prioritizes customer well-being and first-class service.

Before reserving a flight with any service, take time to learn about different types aircraft and the space and amenities they offer. This way, you can select the jet that best meets your needs and budget.

2. Ask About Airport Options

For commercial airlines, it’s most cost-effective to fly between large airports, with connecting regional service to smaller facilities. For a charter jet service, flying to major airports is usually the most expensive option. When booking a private jet, ask about flying to small regional, executive, or local airports near your destination.

Choosing a small airport offers several advantages. First, you have an even more hassle-free experience getting to the plane since there’s usually less traffic congestion around small facilities. Second, executive and regional airports are often closer to the city and your destination, which saves time.

3. Consider One-Way Travel

Unless you’re planning a quick same-day trip or only spending one or two nights out of town, booking two one-way charter flights is the most affordable option. Many companies ground the jet and the crew until it’s time for the second leg of the flight, which drives up the cost considerably. Reserving two one-way flights frees up the plane while you enjoy your destination, so you pay less.

Be sure to ask about “empty leg flights” as well. When a charter company has to reposition a plane to another location but doesn’t have any passengers, they may offer access to these flights at discounted rates. Taking advantage of these deals requires flexibility with airports and departure times, but the lower hourly rates and the option to skip the long security lines, cramped seats, and other annoyances of commercial air travel are usually worth it.

4. Know What to Expect

While flying on a private jet is undoubtedly a more luxurious and relaxing experience than other transportation options, knowing what to expect can prevent disappointment or frustration. Talk to the company about its services, amenities, policies, and procedures.

For example, many people assume that they can bypass security entirely when they fly private. Although you don’t have to undergo the same screening process, private passengers must follow security rules and carry identification. International travelers need passports and still have to go through customs, even on a private jet.

Knowing ahead of time how the service handles weather delays, your catering options, where to park, and when to arrive for your flight makes your experience more enjoyable.

5. Advance Reservations are Best

One big advantage of flying private is the ability to travel at the spur of the moment or get a flight when nothing else is available. However, to secure the best price and the widest selection of aircraft options, it’s better to book as far in advance as possible. As soon as you know you plan to travel, reach out to charter companies to arrange your flight.

Let Vitesse Get You to Your Destination in Style

If the thought of flying commercial to your next vacation or business meeting has you thinking about staying home instead, talk to us about booking a private jet and traveling in comfort to popular private jet destinations instead. We’ll take care of every detail, so you’ll arrive refreshed and relaxed. Inquire about flights online or call us at (866) 891-7575.

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