7 Ways to Make Your International Business Travel Stress-Free

International business travel opens opportunities both for thrills and stress. Careful preparation can help you avoid the latter. As an aircraft charter that prioritizes client comfort and satisfaction, our team at Vitesse provided a few tips to help you get ready for your international trip. 

Have you finalized your international travel plans yet? If not, prepare for more than just booking a hotel room at the end of your trip. Make your travel plans to a foreign country as stress-free as possible by using the guide below.

Creating a Stress-Free International Business Travel Experience

Your upcoming business trip will offer numerous opportunities for networking, learning, and finding new ways to accomplish goals. But corporate travel to far-off destinations can also incur culture shock, financial issues, and other mishaps. The following tips will help you circumvent those issues.

#1 Research Your Destination

Your business trip entails far more than just shaking hands and showing your artful presentation. If you travel to a different country, familiarize yourself with cultural differences and language. Doing so will help you make a first impression that demonstrates your sensitivity to other people, your curiosity, and your willingness to adjust to others. Research how locals handle:

  • Business dealings
  • Formal greetings
  • Dining manners

It also helps to pick up a few phrases before you go.

#2 Discuss Health Concerns with Your Primary Physician

Traveling abroad may require that you get certain vaccinations before your journey. Some countries may also serve food and drinks that don’t mesh well with certain health conditions. Speaking with your doctor about how to prepare for your stay can prevent any serious health issues from interrupting your trip.

#3 Prioritize Comfort and Convenience

International business travel often involves long, drawn-out journeys that can feel confining even in the best circumstances. Book air transportation that puts comfort and convenience first. You and your staff shouldn’t travel in a cramped aircraft with little leg room and no refreshments to help you manage.

#4 Prepare the Appropriate Paperwork Beforehand

Avoid putting off paperwork until you arrive at your destination. You can easily forget or lose access to important documents without the internet amenities to which you are accustomed. Stanford University actually recommends using as little data as possible upon arrival to unfamiliar countries to avoid security breaches.

Instead, prepare and print any necessary paperwork before your flight takes off. Keep your paperwork safe in a manila folder in your personal baggage. You’ll know where your identification and financial access cards are located at all times without exposing your personal or business data.

#5 Secure Financial Support that Works Beyond Borders

Familiarize yourself and your staff with the local currency, how it compares against the US dollar, and how to secure their own funds for the trip. Applying for and obtaining a business card that works at your destination may assuage other travel mates of confusing financial tasks. It also keeps a specific amount of funds accessible to you or the team leaders.

#6 Allot Enough Time to Overcome Jet Lag

Jet lag is no joke! Plan to arrive a day before any pressing meetings or conferences to allow you and your team enough time to rest and adjust. Shifting time zones and endless travel can both exhaust you and throw off your sense of time. You need to present a fully adjusted, adapted front to any other trip attendees.

You should plan for and assuage jet lag by:

  • Allotting enough time for an early rest and rise
  • Planning ahead for meals throughout the day to prevent confusion or irritation caused by hunger
  • Planning short, relaxing activities that allow your team to get used to their new surroundings

A well-rested and relaxed team of colleagues with nourishing food in their bellies will think on their toes at events.

#7 Develop an Airtight Itinerary

Outside of the rest day, to compensate for jet lag, develop an itinerary that demonstrates your expectations for the rest of your team. The more detail you provide, the less room for error. Your itinerary should include:

  • Meal times
  • Meetup times
  • Preparation times
  • Rest periods
  • Free periods

A schedule allows everyone in attendance to synchronize their alarms, meet at specified destinations, and eventually enjoy some leisure time free from work errands. It also ensures that no one gets lost. Everyone should know what to expect and successfully anticipate their role throughout the trip.

Start Your Journey By Booking with Vitesse

Are you preparing international business travel plans? Explore the benefits of private jets and how they can make your long-lasting travel experiences more pleasant. Call 866-891-7575 to learn more about Vitesse’s jet charters for business trips.

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