How Chartering a Private Jet Can Ease Flight Anxiety

Air travel is the safest mode of transportation. According to the NTSB, the probability of being involved in a plane crash is around 1 in 11 million (against 1 in 272 for road transportation). But those comforting statistics mean little to people battling flight anxiety or aerophobia. 

Aerophobia sufferers dread air travel and will do everything to avoid flying. Does that describe you? You’re not alone—more than 25 million people have flight anxiety.

Thankfully, one way you can combat this fear is by chartering a private jet. Why not look into a premier aircraft charterer to see firsthand how private jet travel eases flight anxiety? Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

How Chartering a Private Jet Combats Flight Anxiety

If you have flight anxiety, flying on a private jet can make air travel more relaxing for you for the following reasons:

A Pet Can Fly Next to You

If your pet doubles as your emotional support animal, the commercial flying experience can be an emotionally jarring one for both of you. The average commercial airline doesn’t allow pets on board. Of the few that do, most of them will charge hefty fees or put the pet in a crate.

However, having your pet in the luggage compartment is a sure way to add to your flight anxiety. In a private jet, you can have them right next to you, with both of you helping each other get through the flight time.

Private Planes Avoid Crowds

For some people with flight anxiety, the dilemma begins right at the airport gate amid the chaos. A private jet solves that problem. You can drive straight to the runway, just in time for the flight, skipping that lengthy wait at the airport to wait for friends, family, or business partners.

With private charters, you’ll also have access to some of the most convenient and exclusive private lounges. Then, inside the jet, it will just be you alone or some other familiar faces you choose to bring onboard. You don’t have to worry about dozens of strangers sharing the same cabin with you.

Shorter Travel Time

Chartering a private jet means you won’t have too much time for the flight anxiety to settle in. When you fly privately, you can cut your travel time significantly. Private jets choose efficient routes as they are not bound by commercial flight restrictions.

Complete Control Over Flight Schedule

Some people with flight anxiety often have a crippling fear of missing their flight or experiencing flight cancellations. When you hire a private jet, these concerns dissipate. If, for some reason, you’re not able to make the takeoff, the flight will not leave without you.

Plus, you can schedule your flight when it’s convenient for you, so you won’t experience delays.

Fewer Safety Concerns

A reputable private jet chartering service will always put your safety first. You’ll be in a high-quality private jet in excellent condition with highly experienced staff briefed about your aerophobia. That way, the staff will do everything to make your flight a comfortable experience.

Is your flight anxiety due to the fear of conflicts with other passengers? Maybe you’re worried about catching an infection while flying together with dozens of people. A private jet offers easy solutions.

Comfort Food Options

On a commercial flight, it’s harder to find comfort foods that calm your nerves—even for first-class ticket holders. In a private jet, you can communicate your preferences ahead of time and then eat your favorite food or drink glasses of your favorite bottle of wine throughout the trip.

Better Comfort

It’s easier to combat flight anxiety when you’re relaxing on a comfortable couch or a full-sized bed during the flight. You’ll feel closer to home in a private jet, and if you want to, you can comfortably fall asleep and skip the flight experience. After you compare cost booking a private jet cost with the level of comfort you experience on the trip, you’re sure to fly private more often!

Vitesse Worldwide, LLC, Makes Chartering a Private Jet Easy

Are you ready to put the flight anxiety behind you? Vitesse Worldwide, LLC, works with an impressive fleet of private jets, from light to heavy jets.

Contact Vitesse Worldwide, LLC, today at (866) 891-7575 to book your trip or to request jet charter prices. Booking a private jet with an experienced private jet charter service is easy, and you may find chartering a private jet is just what you need.

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