Six Things to Know When Flying Private for the First Time

Flying private for the first time is both exciting and intimidating. While it’s a new avenue for many passengers, knowing what to expect can help you prepare for the trip ahead. Whether you have a special time planned with family or friends or want to try a different type of travel, it’s also important to understand how flying private differs from the traditional commercial experience.

The team at Vitesse Worldwide, LLC facilitates trusted aircraft charter services so that anyone can travel safely and privately. We’ve offered air transportation to 1000+ cities across the globe, and you can learn more about flying on a private plane for the first time with our essential tips below.

What You Need To Know Before Flying Private for the First Time

When you fly private, there’s so much to look forward to. You can expect a quicker, streamlined experience getting on and off your plane. You can also fully customize your flying experience, including everything from plane size and cabin space to delectably catered meals.

If you want to maximize what you get out of the experience, here are six things you should know before booking your private flight:

#1 Pack Smaller and Lighter

On a private flight, you can still store larger items underneath. However, any smaller items count as a carry-on so that you can access them during the flight. Why not enjoy snacks and books or keep your pets close?

However, although packing depends on the size of the aircraft and how much space you’ll have, passengers should generally pack light for a private plane.

#2 Expect a Calm and Relaxing Experience

When flying with a commercial airliner, you will likely experience loud noises and a flight that nobody could describe as relaxing. When you fly private, you step off the plane feeling completely refreshed and ready for your next adventure. Eat a catered meal during your flight if you choose, or just take a nap and simply enjoy the trip; this usually isn’t an option with commercial plane rides.

#3 FBOs Are Quieter and Ease Departures

With seating flexibility in a private airplane, you can find wherever you are most comfortable for the duration of the flight. Commercial airlines might stick next to noisy individuals or smelly feet. And what you intended as a relaxing flight could quickly become a nightmare next to a loud snorer.

In a fixed-based operator, you often drive right up to the plane and enjoy a super convenient boarding situation. It’s one of the best perks about flying private for the first time, and it never gets old.

#4 You Only Arrive 30 Minutes Before Your Flight

On any type of plane ride, you should arrive well before your departure time to ensure you and the crew can prepare for the flight ahead. From loading bags to inspecting the plane, arriving too late could cause delays for everyone involved.

When you fly private for the first time, you will still have to show up early to avoid inconveniences, and it’s the polite thing to do. However, thirty minutes is usually sufficient, unlike the two or three hours required by a commercial airliner.

#5 Cabin Attendants Assist on the Plane

You expect to see a flight attendant on a commercial plane, but larger private planes will also have a cabin attendant. Some aircraft are too small, but the ones that do have cabin attendants will see to your needs during the flight, help with safety, and often serve food and drinks.

#6 Multiple Plane Types Are Available

Private planes come in multiple types, including midsize jets, light-size jets, and many more. How many people are coming with you on your flight, and how long will the trip take? Many factors will contribute to the type of plane that works best for you.

Larger aircraft offer greater cabin height and room to move around, especially during longer trips. But no matter the type of aircraft you choose, you might want to consider key sustainable travel tips for a greener experience.

Contact Vitesse Worldwide, LLC for Private Jet Charter Services

Now that you’ve learned about flying private for the first time consider booking a private jet with a trusted worldwide business.

Where will your next flight take you? Wherever you go, you can count on Vitesse Worldwide, LLC for jet charters to get you there.

Contact Vitesse Worldwide, LLC, to access professional private jet and group air charter services. We serve over 101 countries, so call (866) 891-7575 today for a quote or to reserve your next flight.

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