Why Choose Private Chartered Flights for Your Next Vacation?

Shouldn’t the perfect vacation be a nice mix of relaxation, adventures, and lasting memories for you and the people you love? Flying to your destination via a commercial airliner may take something away from that experience, especially if you’re traveling in a cramped cabin and facing unexpected delays. In that case, private chartered flights present an ideal solution for your next getaway.

Below, discover the perks that come with flying a private aircraft charter, including the biggest benefits to expect when you book a private jet to bring you to your next vacation spot.

Top Reasons for Booking Vacations With Private Chartered Flights

Why opt for a private jet instead of flying a commercial airline? If you’re wondering about the cost, private charter planes are worth every penny considering all the other benefits on offer, including the following:

Flexible Scheduling That’s Works Around Your Preferences

When you plan your travel itinerary with a commercial airline, your wishes are irrelevant. You may have to fly earlier than you’d like because all of the later flights are full. Should the airline suddenly switch or cancel the flight, you have to scramble to find another way to your destination.

With private chartered flights, you call the shots. You and your loved ones can travel according to a schedule that works for you. This reason alone is why many travelers prefer to use a charter plane.

Luxury Comfort That No Commercial Airline Can Match

Even the business class section of commercial flights pales in comparison to the luxurious comfort of private jets. You’ll have enough space to relax on long flights. Isn’t that a far more enjoyable way to spend time with friends or family?

Unlike commercial flights where you may be spread out throughout the cabin, a private jet allows your entire party to travel together. You’ll also get to enjoy top-notch amenities so that everybody has a great time to and from your vacation destination.

Premium Onboard Entertainment That You Can Relax With and Tailor

Some people prefer to nap or read a book on a long flight. If you need something more stimulating, private chartered flights provide an array of excellent entertainment options.

For example, you could do the following:

  • Catch up on last-minute emails
  • Post about your travels on social media with in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Watch movies or shows on one of the TV screens

Young children won’t need to rely on electronic devices. In a private jet, they can easily entertain themselves, move around, and let their hair down without disturbing other passengers.

Customized Catering Options For Tantalizing Cuisine You’ll Love

One of the best things about private chartered flights is the culinary options. You can request foods for your long travel day that meet certain dietary requirements.

Why not let a gourmet chef prepare your in-flight meal and get into vacation mode?

Seamless Security and Baggage Measures From Start to Finish

Before you can relax on your vacation when you’re flying commercially, you have to worry about getting through the airport queues. Traveling by air stresses out many travelers because of all the security and administrative measures in place at major airports, such as the following before you even set foot on the plane:

  • Arrive at the airport several hours before the flight
  • Check your bags
  • Sigh through long lines at security
  • Wait at your gate until boarding while keeping an ear out for announcements

When you travel via private chartered flights, flight crews personally escort you to the jet, carefully handle your luggage, and allow you to unwind straight away.

Endless Destinations For a Vacation Itinerary Unlike Any Other

Booking a trip to an exotic location isn’t easy when you’re facing several exhausting layovers and trips that may not even bring you to the closest airport.

Private aircraft get you to your destination with minimal hassles so that you can start the adventure feeling fresh and ready to go.

Choose Vitesse for Your Next Vacation

Discover the endless travel possibilities that await. Plan your next vacation through a private charter plane, and you’ll never want to fly another way. Why not take advantage of all the benefits of private chartered flights with Vitesse?

Make your next vacation the best one yet—contact Vitesse today at (800) 637-3373 to request a quote or reserve your private plane.

When it comes to chartering a private jet, no other company makes the travel process easier than Vitesse, so reach out to our specialists for more information!

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